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Embrace.You.Life.Others - 9/9/2020

Practice Subtraction

Of the thousands of thoughts you have each day that impact your mindset, the largest percentage of those thoughts are negative. In fact there is a lot of research that states 85% of daily thoughts have a negative connotation to them.

Wow, what a mind battle. How can we use our 15% positive to defeat the 85% negative in our minds?

You can begin by practicing subtraction.

For each day we think less negative things, each day we say less negative things out loud, each day we feel less negative things and each day we do less negative things we enlarge our positive mental percentage.

Where to start?

Today begin by simply subtracting negative language that you speak out loud. Don’t say negative stupid stuff!

Each day after, practice subtracting the negative from the other three areas of your life that you control. (think, feel, do)

Embrace.You.Life.Others - 9/1/2020

Embrace YOU – At a recent seminar on leadership the speaker shared the statement that scientist have been able to determine the percentage of your birth. What an

intriguing thought. The speaker went on to say that scientist have determined that the odds of you being born at the exact moment in time, to your exact parents, in such a

particular place are 1 in 400 trillion. The math of this statement is hard to get your head around, but what is so striking is

that with those odds you cannot help but believe that each of us are born Extraordinary! Believing you are extraordinary changes your perspective.

Embrace your remarkable, Embrace your confidence, Embrace where you are and who you are.

Embrace Life – Life is not about your circumstances. Life is about the choices you make in your circumstances. You were born extraordinary, you cannot allow your

circumstances or others to coach you into believing you are ordinary. We all have the power and responsibility to write out our story each day and then walk out what it is that

we have written for ourselves. As the author of you day, be sure to write in extraordinary experiences for yourself and others. Embrace the opportunities, Embrace your choice,

and Embrace grace.

Embrace Others – One of my favorite quotes is from Mother Teresa. “You can do things that I cannot do, and I can do things that you cannot do but together we can do

great things.” Embrace inclusion in your day. Relationships are what make life interesting.

Currency - 8/27/2020

The words Yes and No are like your personal currency. How you spend them affects where you are and how you got here, they will also impact where you are going tomorrow.

Spend the personal currency of your Yes and No wisely and with intention. Also be reminded that Yes is not always positive and No doesn’t always mean negative. Investing in either your Yes or your No will ultimately shape your daily behavior patterns.

Lighten Your Load - 8/17/2020

Lighten Your Load began as a simple slogan in a conversation between friends over twenty years ago. Two friends were discussing how they could serve their community and model leadership at the same time. Since its inception, LYL has morphed from a thought to a passion, from a passion to a pursuit, from a pursuit to a purpose, from a purpose to a corporation, from a corporation to a community. When we unpack the acronym of LYL we find the following.

Lighten – shouldering a burden, making things easier, doing the heavy lifting, take away the difficult and time consuming, giving back the gift of time to focus on priorities,

Your – others, selfless, inclusion, community, serve, service

Load – taking away the stress, relieving a burden, focus on the important while addressing the urgent

LYL Educational Systems supports leaders in developing Culture and Climate – Targeting the gaps and opportunities that strategically focus on school success whether a struggling or thriving school – Support schools in creating a positive social emotional learning culture and climate where every child has confidence to embrace the learning process.

Lighten Your Load is the beginning focus of each day and the reflection of each evening. LYL is not only a business practice but a great way to practice life.

What would the world of business or the world of education and life in general look like if every day we all focused on how we could serve one another?

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